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Natural Skin Care Products

Nurture your body with Nature.

Twisted Sisters Skin Nutrition is a natural skin care company, based in Calgary, Alberta. All of our products are handmade and every ingredient added increases the nutritional value. Ingredients in our Skin Nutrition products are nature based, nutrient rich, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Changes in the nutritional status of your skin can directly affect its appearance, so we use a science based approach to select healthy ingredients to protect the skin, restore function and enhance wellness. Make our Skin Nutrition products part of your daily self care ritual.

Twisted Sisters Skin Nutrition products do not contain:

  • Toxic preservatives.
  • Parabens.
  • Petrochemicals.
  • Pthalates.
  • Artificial colours or fragrances.

Our products contain only pure nutrition from nature.

Check out our product line on the side bar – we have a variety of products, jam-packed with nutritious ingredients, to nurture the entire body. Healthy skin is adaptable and can respond to challenges. Factors that affect the physiology of the skin lead to aesthetic problems. At Twisted Sisters Skin Nutrition we believe skin care should be focused on proactive measures (prevention and maintenance) to maintain health, rather than reactionary treatment. Let us help bring out your natural beauty.


We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoyed researching and designing them.  Feel free to contact us with your questions or feed back – we’d love to hear from you!

The skin eats. Feed it well!


Twisted Sisters Skin Nutrition


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