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Turning over a new leaf

It is my intention to add new information to this page regularly, so keep checking back for information on our product line, the benefits of the nutritious ingredients we use, the dangerous additives to look out for in the cosmetics industry and environmental research. I hope that this page can provide a forum for consumers to educate themselves about the products they use on their bodies and in their homes and  further inform people about all the goodness that mother nature can provide.

For my first post, I would like to start with some basic information on additives that are regularly used in the cosmetic industry and some of the human and environmental health concerns associated with them. This information is not new, but it provides a great starting point for people who are interested in moving toward more ‘natural’ home. I came across this information a few years back when i was looking into chemical skin sensitivities for my niece. In fact it is one of the things, along with a desire to be more respectful to my body and the environment, that prompted me to start my own line of products that I can truly say, does not contain any of these toxic ingredients. Now that I am a Mother this desire has spread from honoring my own body to that of my little girl’s as well.

The information I am referring to is from an article on David Suzuki’s website titled:  ‘Dirty Dozen’ cosmetic chemicals to avoid, to access this article check out the following link: The great thing about this article is that you do not have to be a chemist to read the labels on your cosmetics in order to identify the ingredients listed, so it provides a tangible starting place for the average consumer. I think that whether you are dealing with food products, cosmetics or even household cleaners, a person should at least read the ingredients label of what they are purchasing, in fact the government made labelling a requirement in order to protect consumers. The thing that shocked me about this article is that of the products surveyed in Canadian homes, 80% of the products reported having at least one of these toxic ingredients. So, check out the article and use the list provided to go through some of the products in your home to educate yourself on what you are putting on your skin, then you can make an informed decision on whether or not you would like to continue. Here is your chance to turn over a new leaf.


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