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twisted sisters amy and michele     Every day our bodies are exposed to a cocktail of harmful chemicals without even leaving our homes. Many personal hygiene products and household cleaners are loaded with toxins that may be absorbed and stored in our bodies, but because they are in small concentrations have been deemed safe. Most of the products we use, however, we use on a daily basis; consequently, these toxins accumulate in our bodies and may have toxic effects as a result. Synthetics may be added for several reasons: to enhance texture and absorption, or as preservatives to increase shelf life. As a result, many of these synthetics are quickly absorbed but have no nutritional value and do not readily breakdown in the body or the environment.

     At Twisted Sisters all our products are handmade and we do not add anything to our products that does not increase the nutritional value, or that will compromise the integrity of the environment. Our ingredients are added to supplement the skin in order to maintain and restore function. Some ingredients, such as essential oils, are also added to engage the senses to relieve tension and restore well being.

      The skin is amazing! It is the body’s largest organ and unlike other organs it is on the outside of the body which makes it easier to interact with. Not only is the skin our barrier and first line of defense from the outside world, it also houses our nerve endings and is a direct connection to the central nervous system. We are able to touch and feel touch via the skin. It contains blood vessels and glands that can help regulate the internal temperature of the body upon sensing a change in the external environment. So, physically the skin connects the outside and inside world and at the same time protects the inside world from the sometimes harsh and changing environment, which is quite extraordinary.

There is a mental and emotional connection with the skin. Smile lines, thought creases on the brow, flushing cheeks, and scars can all become an emotional landscape depicting our human experience, telling stories of joy and shame, pain and pleasure. We can use the skin as a canvass to express ourselves creatively and culturally through tattoos and piercings. Our skin is part of our sexuality, it can facilitate a language of touch allowing us to explore new sensations seeking out pleasure and to touch other people. Stress has a direct impact on the condition of the skin and the condition of the skin can directly impact our self-esteem.

Healthy skin, skin that has proper structure and optimal function, is often what we associate with beautiful skin. While this amazing organ does receive nourishment from the inside from the network of vessels and capillaries, it also has the capacity to absorb nutrients applied topically, which can help to mitigate the effects of external stress such as sun damage and pollution. Factors that affect the physiology of the skin lead to aesthetic problems. Skin care should be focused on proactive measures (prevention and maintenance) to maintain health, rather than reactionary treatment. Creating an experience that is appealing sensually may also relieve some of the effects of mental stress on the skin as well. Healthy skin is adaptable and can respond to challenges.

Take care of your skin. Honor Nature.

Amy McLeod



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